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Factory Licence


The main objectives of the Indian Factories Act, 1948are to regulate the working conditions in factories, to regulate health, safety welfare, and annual leave and enact special provision in respect of young persons, women and children who work in the factories. (similar to shop and establishment act)


Any entity which is engaged in manufacturing process

Manufacturing process – meaning

  • Making, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing, packing, oiling, washing, cleaning, breaking up, demolishing or otherwise treating or adapting any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport, delivery or disposal; [or
  • Pumping oil, water, sewage, or any other substance; [or]
  • Generating, transforming or transmitting power;[ or]
  • Composing types for printing, printing by letter press, lithography, photogravure or other similar process or book-binding
  • Constructing, reconstructing, repairing, refitting, finishing or breaking up ships or vessels; or preserving or storing any article in cold storage

Application Process:

New factory registration should be done through Form 2

Documents required for filing form 2

  • Supporting documents for occupation of premises ( Sale deed / Lease deed / Rental deed etc)
  • Proof for Owner Identity and Address
  • Proof for Manager Identity and Address
  • Memorandum of articles of Association under Companies Act / Partnership Deed
  • List of Machinery with Horse Power details
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